Business computer networks

Business computer networks


Business computer networks

Quick. Dependable. Secure.We design business computer networks that users can trust.

A reliable network is a critical part of any business. You want a business computer network that you can trust.

It needs to allow for efficient communication and supply a dependable means to store your information.

That information needs to be provided to you quickly and efficiently, whenever you need it.

A solution for you. Just you.

From initial planning and configuration, to the on-going maintenance of your network; our expert team will work with you to deliver a solution that’s right for you. That may come in the form of a wired network, a wireless network, or a combination of both.

We supply and install all the network hardware your business will need including; computers, servers, NAS drives, hubs/switches, wireless access points, cabling, routers and firewalls.

Thanks to partnerships and support from the likes of Microsoft, Dell, and ZyXEL we provide industry standard networking solutions to keep your business connected, productive and secure.

Call the Gapton Computers team on 01493 603204, or email us via our contact us page to discuss your computer networking requirements.