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Business IT support


Business IT support services

“It’s essential that the business IT support we receive is professional, helpful and reliable. You give us that level of support.”

In-house vs. outsourced IT support

Many businesses consider employing an in-house IT support team to look after their IT equipment. Not only can this be a costly solution, it can also be a limited one. This is why you need Gapton Computers’ range of business IT support services. You won’t need to worry about being dependent on a particular person to provide IT support; we’re always available to support you and your business.

Our service desk is staffed by engineers ready to solve your IT issues. Simply call us and we’ll do the rest.

Most issues can be resolved remotely by visiting our website and starting a remote support session. If necessary we attend site to see you in person.

We like to keep things simple. Our engineers won’t speak to you using technical jargon; just plain English.

The relationships we have developed over the years with industry leading businesses such as Microsoft, Dell, ZyXEL and Kaspersky gives us access to dedicated support. Support which an internal IT support team wouldn’t typically have.

Business IT Support ServicesFlexible. Scalable. IT support services tailored to you.

Our business IT support services are very scalable. They are based on your business’ requirements; no-one else’s.

We don’t impose “minimum 12 month” service contracts.

If you’re covered by our business IT support service, you’ll benefit from a preferential rate on chargeable work.

We don’t just cover computers either. We cover laptops, servers, firewalls, networks switches, routers, wireless access points and more!

Our engineers are based in Great Yarmouth, Norwich, and Lowestoft, and we provide IT support to businesses across much of East Anglia.

What sets us apart from the competition?

Customer service is very important to us. Our staff know what good customer service is (and isn’t). They’re trained to “go the extra mile”.

We cover parts. Most business IT support cover doesn’t. Other IT support companies generally make you pay for the replacement parts!

If a piece of IT equipment covered by us develops an issue, we’ll repair it and get the equipment back to how it was, as if the issue had never occurred. You also won’t be paying for a call-out!

Our business IT support cover is unlimited, where as most IT support companies charge for a particular number of hours that they’ll assist you for, within a given period. Not us!

You won’t find any nasty surprises here. Just hassle-free cover and support for your computer systems. You know what you’ll be paying for your computer and IT support for the next 12 months.

We currently provide IT support to a wide range of businesses, across various business sectors. If you need IT support, the chances are we already provide it to a business just like yours.

Call the Gapton Computers team on 01493 603204, or email us via our contact us page if you would like to discuss an IT support package to suit your business.

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