Custom built business PCs

Custom built business PCs

Custom built business PCs

Would you like a custom built, hand tested, competitively priced business computer?

Small in size, low on power consumption, but with absolutely no compromise on processing power; our computers are the ideal choice for your business.

  • Custom built for each business
  • We use only the best components to build your computer, providing reliable and trustworthy operation
  • Competitively priced against computers of the same specification
  • Common “new computer issues” are sorted for you (Windows updates, driver installation etc)

We build our own computers, choosing quality computer components known for their reliability and performance. We use the best branded computer components to build our business computers, to ensure you are supplied with a robust computer that will continue to perform reliably, and at its best.

Where as “off-the-shelf” computers are generally mass-produced, ours are hand-built and tested by the team that build them. When you receive your custom built business computer from Gapton Computers you can be assured that we’ve taken the time to check it over and get it ready for you; eliminating those common computer issues you experience with a new computer (lots of Windows Updates needed, outdated device drivers, missing commonly used software such as Adobe Reader etc).

Our computer prices are very competitive; try us, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

What’s so special about our computers?

Our attention to detail is first-rate; just look inside one of our computers and you’ll see what we mean. Carefully-considered wiring and computer component placement allows us to create computers we are proud of when our clients take a look inside! Not only does this look good but it serves a purpose for airflow efficiency. If your computers can breathe properly, they’re going to last longer!

Send us an enquiry if you’re interested in a custom built computer!

Call the Gapton Computers team on 01493 603204, or email us via our contact us page if you would like a quote for a computer built to your exact requirements.