Email signature management

Email signature management

Email signature management

Email signature management from an Exclaimer partner

Email signature management is simple with Exclaimer’s Signature Manager products.

Design, control and manage email signatures across your entire organisation with the Exclaimer Signature Manager product suite.

Give your users the most consistent, professional and legally compliant email signatures for Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and Office 365.

Update everyone’s email signature in a single click with consistent branding, social media links and more.

Ensure everyone has the same well branded email signature company-wide and be safe in the knowledge that unauthorised users can’t modify it.

Promote marketing campaigns

Use date-based rules to add a banner for an upcoming promotion or event, then automatically remove/update it where needed.

Recent studies have shown that an average employee sends roughly 35 emails a day to customers, partners and stakeholders, which continues to rise every year.

In a 50-person office, for example, you are looking at about 1,700 emails sent per day, or 360,000 additional marketing opportunities a year that your business could be missing out on.

Convert every email into a low cost, high-volume, targeted marketing tool with dedicated email signature software.

  • Create outstanding email signature templates with dynamic content, text and imagery.
  • Communicate with up-to-date promotional banners to support any number of marketing campaigns e.g. special offers, new events, seasonal sales etc.
  • Add interactive social media links to all email signatures like a Twitter ‘Follow’ or a Facebook ‘Share’ link. You can even show your latest social updates with up to the second accuracy.
  • Ensure your brand looks professional and conforms to corporate guidelines.
  • Highlight company certifications and recent industry awards.

Enjoy consistent email signatures and branding on any device!

Get high-quality signatures on all emails, even if they are sent from mobile devices like a smartphone or tablet PC.

Complete compliance

Be sure every email gets the appropriate legal disclaimer, that users can’t remove or alter.

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